Hanoi: Commencement of bridge crossing Bac Linh Dam river

On February 19, the bridge crossing Bac Linh Dam at position 634 Kim Giang (Hoang Mai district, Hanoi) was constructed.

The bridge will be north from Linh Dam Urban Area (KDT) to Kim Giang Street, located in 2 districts, Hoang Mai and Thanh Tri. Bridge using structural steel beams combined, reinforced concrete plates, 45m long, 17.5m cross section, load 93 tons. The project will include the following items: Construction of 2-bridge paths; lighting system, sidewalk, technical infrastructure … with a total investment of over VND 43.5 billion by the city budget.

The project is invested by the Project Management Board (PMU) of Hanoi City traffic construction project, expected to be completed in 2019. It is known that the bridge has a very important role to synchronize the connection. connecting and improving the circulation capacity for belt road 3, road 70 …

After completion, Bac Linh Dam bridge will be connected by lane 634 Kim Giang to the main road going through KĐT The Manor core on Nguyen Xien street (invested by Bitexco Group).

Here, the direction from the bridge will be directly connected to the ring road 3 – the southern trunk road (via Thanh Ha urban area). In the opposite direction, the bridge will connect the lower belt 3, synchronous with the section of the road going through the bridge, going through Linh Dam lake which is about to start.

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