In the ecstatic atmosphere of passionate, and in harmony with the jubilant atmosphere of that transitional moment, each member of CONINCO 3C family like brilliant flowers and fragrant flowers together gathered in the Gala dinner at the end of 2018.
The program has the participation of more than 150 employees of CONINCO 3C and nearly 100 close partners.

King’s Hall – Van Hoa Event Center – 98 Thai Thinh – Hanoi was chosen as the place where CONINCO 3C family gathered together in the last working days of 2018. Cozy space with colors gentle, luxurious with flowers with scenes, having a loving colleague, having a family atmosphere is one of the highlights that creates an impression in the organization and decoration.
At the end of a busy working year, pressure is probably the Year of the Year party as one of the most expected occasions for CONINCO 3C members. Come to the night of CONINCO 3C Year of the Year, everyone has been through many emotions together. From excited, nervous to overwhelmed by the grandiose, the scale of the program and surprises.


The show’s opening theme is two cheerful and professional spring songs of girls from The Girl. The happy, fast, and bustling rhythm of the opening performance made the hall gradually warm up and attracted the attention of the Guest and Staff.

Opening the ceremony, Mr. Tran Viet Cuong – Chairman of CONINCO 3C Joint Stock Company had a speech about CONINCO 3C 2018 journey with the success marks and determination in the coming 2019. At the same time, I would like to thank all the customers, partners and employees of the company, who have always stood by the company to step by step develop, reach and integrate.

The closing ceremony is also an opportunity to honor collectives and individuals with outstanding achievements in activities for the organization’s development in 2018. The success of an organization is contributed from the effort and effort. non-stop of every staff. Gala Night, Executive Board of the Company gave meaningful gifts to individuals with outstanding achievements in 2018. These are typical faces, who have contributed their efforts and enthusiasm to the team. The organization contributes to building a strong CONINCO 3C boat to overcome all difficulties. Mr. Cao Tuan Anh – CONINCO 3C Deputy General Director and Mr. Nguyen Huu Truong – CONINCO Deputy General Director gave a certificate of merit and reward to the “Excellent Staff of 2018”.

Mr. Tran Viet Cuong – CONINCO 3C Chairman of the Board gave a certificate of merit and reward to “Typical Officer 2018”.

The Gala greeting for the year of Mau Tuat 2019 is also honored to welcome the presence and participation of guests who are close friends and partners of CONINCO 3C during a development journey. To officially start the party, President Tran Viet Cuong and Deputy General Director Cao Tuan Anh invited and raised glasses with delegates and guests to Gala night.

CONINCO 3C GALA DINNER night 2018 is really a happy and meaningful year-end party for the staff before the new year with the organization of employees to join the game: Guess the title of the song cultural exchanges, lucky numbers with meaningful gifts …

Impressive party, fun atmosphere, attractive program framework. The echo of CONINCO 3C Gala Dinner 2018 is still echoing and spreading. At every banquet, the members together raise their glasses, touch the cup and send the best wishes to each other together.

With the motto “Do your best, play hard”, but the remaining residuals of the Gala Spring Festival left CONINCO 3C members with impressive impressions and emotions. In the new year, surely, all of us will together be determined to contribute our efforts and dedication to building stronger and more successful CONINCO 3C.

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