CONINCO 3C meeting in October/2018

In the morning of 03/10/2018, at meeting room of CONINCO 3C, the meeting was held in October,

Composition includes: Board of Directors and representatives of centers and departments in the Company.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Head of the Planning Department briefed on the issues at the September 2018 meeting, the shortcomings and the work completed in October 2018. Comrade Chief Accountant also presented the financial activities of the company in the past month. The representatives of each the Project center in turn presented the problems are still unfinished and discuss the direction of treatment.

The CEO reminds the central leaders need for further research and sets out a clearer issue for updating IT to serve the development, quality of service and monitoring. submit. General Director focuses on the union, ensuring the working environment and regimes for the best employees to promote the effectiveness of work.

This meeting brings new issues, refreshing and tightening the management process, improving the mechanism to make the company more sustainable.

Some photos at the meeting

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