Progress of the project of high-rise apartment building No16 Sai Dong urban area to May 30, 2019

May, 2019, Project site progress. “Residential housing high-rise apartment block No16”. Investor “Hanoi Construction Joint Stock Company No. 3” The work includes 5 towers No16.1, No16.2; N016.3; No16 .4.5. Floor height consists of 15 floating floors and 01 basement, the towers are connected by floor basement B1 and landscape area surrounding the buildings.
As of March 6, 2019, the project “No16 housing high-rise apartment building” is slowly progressing as required by investors.
As follows:

  • No16.1 tower is under construction on the 12th floor.
  • Tower No16.2 is under construction on the 10th floor. Reach 40%
  • No16.3 tower is being constructed on the 11th floor. Reach 50%
  • Tower No16.4.5 is under construction on the 12th floor. Reach 50%
  • Construction of B1 basement floor in the tower reaches 100%; In addition to the tower reached 100%.

Some images of the construction site

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